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How Geneticists Are Recreating Extinct Smells

What did ancient plants smell like? Scientists are working on a way to find out using genetically modified yeast.

What Does Space Smell Like? –
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Fungus Used to Brew Up New Fragrances

“Bioengineers at Ginkgo coded the genes of the rose to discover which enzymes were responsible for producing its smell. The experts identified specific chemical compounds from these enzymes and then modified the genome of yeast to engineer multiple strands of fungus to produce different metabolic reactions.”

Making Sense of Scents: Smell and the Brain

“With every whiff you take as you walk by a bakery, a cloud of chemicals comes swirling up your nose. Identifying the smell as freshly baked bread is a complicated process. But, compared to the other senses, the sense of smell is often underappreciated. “

Would You Feel Sexy Wearing Eau de Extinction?

“The effort, like all perfume making, is as much an artistic project as a scientific one. But manufacturing of commercial fragrances and flavors in vats of yeast has already become commonplace.”

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