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How Do We Separate Conjoined Twins?

It’s very rare for twins to be conjoined. How do surgeons go about separating them? Tara is here to discuss the types of conjoined twins, and how we separate them.

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Mother of conjoined twins has ‘hope’ and ‘faith’

“Conjoined twin girls born nearly five months ago will be separated in a delicate but risky procedure later this year, reported KHOU 11 News.”

How did surgeons separate conjoined twins?

“Rital and Ritag Gaboura were born joined at the head.”

Twin Typs

“While there are dozens of types of conjoined twins, doctors generally divide the types into the more common variations described in the chart below. All of these types can be more broadly categorized as displaying either equal and symmetrical forms or unequal and possible asymmetrical forms.”

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