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How Do We Handle Medical Emergencies In Space?

Handling medical emergencies in space is very different than handling them on Earth! What would happen if a person got a major cut, or suffered a heart attack? Trace discusses why it’s so difficult to handle these emergencies, and how some students are developing a portable ultrasound for space!

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Living in Space

“The Shuttle carries a series of medical kits called the Shuttle Orbiter Medical System (SOMS) into orbit for use by two specially trained crew members (Crew Medical Officers) for each mission.”

During Medical Emergencies on Deep-Space Flights Fluid-Filled Domes Could Stanch Bleeding

“A medical trauma in microgravity presents a unique set of problems.”

Don’t Panic: How Space Emergency Astronaut Training Works

“Routines. They tell you when to get up in the morning, what to do at your day job and how to handle myriad tasks ranging from house cleaning to using a computer.”

Routine and Emergency Medical Operations

“This 184 page document deals with procedures and hardware associated with crew health, clothing, exercise countermeasures, routine medical procedures, and environmental monitoring as performed in the Service Module. Multiple photos, diagrams, and schematics are used to illustrate these topics.”

What Happens If You Have A Heart Attack In Space?

“I flew in zero-G with a team of college students testing a device that could save astronauts’ lives.”

Blood in Zero Gravity: NASA Tries to Prepare for Surgery in Space

“If humans are to one day explore beyond our moon — to Mars, for example — there are some pretty huge logistical hurdles that will need to be overcome.”

The astronaut in charge of medical treatments will take care of the sick

“Each astronaut in the Space Shuttle has a specific assigned role, and as such, each has received intensive training required for that specialized task.”

Emergencies in Space

“Despite the immense technological feats associated with human extraterrestrial travel, there is always the potential need for emergency medical attention.”

Arctic simulations prepare scientists for space medical emergencies

“It’s isolated and barren, accessible by plane for only a short window of time each summer.”

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