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How Did Dinosaurs Evolve Into Birds?

Dinosaurs evolved over millions of years into the modern birds we see today! How did such large creatures become so small? Trace is here to tell you the answer.

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Getting Small the Key for Dinos that Became Birds

“How did some dinosaurs go from being impossibly huge, Earth-bound creatures to winged masters of the sky?”

How dinosaurs shrank, survived and evolved into birds

“That starling at your birdfeeder? It is a dinosaur. The chicken on your dinner plate? Also a dinosaur.”

Which dinosaurs survived? The ones that shrank the fastest

“If almost all dinosaurs had feathers, as recent studies have indicated, what determined which ones would evolve into birds?”

New study suggests that any kind of dinosaur could have feathers, not just birds

“It’s possible that all dinosaurs had feathers. Scientists previously believed that only avian dinosaurs — that is, the direct ancestors of our modern birds — sported feathers along with their scales.”

Shrinking dinosaurs evolved into flying birds (w/ Video)

“A new study involving scientists from the University of Southampton has revealed how massive, meat-eating, ground-dwelling dinosaurs evolved into agile flying birds: they just kept shrinking and shrinking, for over 50 million years.”

Honey, who shrunk the dinosaurs? Study traces dinosaur evolution into early birds

“Scientists have mapped how a group of fearsome, massive dinosaurs evolved and shrank to the likes of robins and hummingbirds.”

Why did mammals survive the ‘K/T extinction’?

“Picture a dinosaur. Huge, menacing creatures, they ruled the Earth for nearly 200 million years, striking fear with every ground-shaking stride.”

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The Next Mass Extinction

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Are Pesticides Killing Birds?


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