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How Birth Order Affects Who You Are

Does the order you’re born in really affect the kind of person you grow up to be? Trace explains if there’s really the impact people say there is.

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How Birth Order Affects Your Personality

“But when scientists scrutinized the data, they found that the evidence just did not hold up. In fact, until very recently there were no convincing findings that linked birth order to personality or behavior.”

Birth Order Affects Child’s Intelligence and Personality

“Birth order within families has long sparked sibling rivalry, but it might also impact the child’s personality and intelligence, a new study suggests. First-borns are typically smarter, while younger siblings get better grades and are more outgoing, the researchers say.”

How Your Birth Order Can Influence Who You Are

“As many parents can attest, siblings tend to be more different than alike. Some of this may be the result of our birth order, and how we’re subsequently raised. What’s more, birth order may influence our health and sexuality too. Here’s what you need to know about how your birth rank affects your life.”

That Elusive Birth Order Effect and What it Means for You

“Only child, first-born, last-born, or somewhere in between. Where do you fit into the birth order of your family? Perhaps you’ve come to believe the myths both in your family and in psychology as a whole that your character, values, achievement strivings, and life success are determined by the family position that fate, and your parents, awarded to you.”


“The order we’re born in — first, middle or youngest child — is outside our control. So it can make us uncomfortable to think that our birth order can play a significant part in our success, our personality — the direction of our life. Surely, these things are not set before we even get started?”

Birth Order: Fun to Debate, but How Important?

“The older girl was smart, neat and perfectly behaved in school; in her spare time, she won dance trophies. At every checkup, her mother would tell me what a good girl she was.”

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