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How Bionics Will Transform Our Senses

Bionic tools are no longer restricted to the pages of science fiction literature. Real, amazing advances are being made and promise to transform the way humans experience the world. Trace runs down a list of some of the most exciting bionic inventions to date.

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Electronic taste could allow television viewers to sample cookery show creations

“Television viewers could soon taste the food produced by celebrity chefs on cookery programmes thanks to new technology that recreates taste electronically”

How technology is slowly developing its sense of smell

“It’s easy to be sniffy about the concept of sending odors through the internet, but researchers are nonetheless hard at work on folding the sense of smell into the digital repertoire.”

A taste of the future: Bionic eye will receive software updates to enable color vision, increased resolution

“Providing us with a delightful glimpse of the future of humanity and bionic implants, Second Sight — the developer of the first bionic eye to receive FDA approval in the US — is currently working on a firmware upgrade that gives users of the Argus II bionic eye better resolution, focus, and image zooming.”

Scientists may have found the cure for deafness caused by too many rock shows, loud noises

“Here’s some news that should be exciting to all readers hearing a gentle high-pitched ringing right now: Scientists in Britain think they may have found a cure for deafness caused by loud noises, infections, and toxic drugs.”

Prosthetic Limbs Offer a Sense of Touch

“The sense of touch allows us to process data about our everyday world. Without it, we might have to visually calculate how wide to stretch our fingers each time we reached for the phone or how much pressure to apply when typing on a keyboard. For those with prosthetic limbs, these simplest of tasks are an ongoing struggle.”

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Bionic Eye Cures Blindness

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