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How A Fire Can Burn Underground for Thousands of Years

There’s hundreds of thousands fires burning underground all over the world right this very minute. Why is this so dangerous?

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New Castle’s Coal Legacy Smolders Under Burning Mountain

“Coal seam fires have been known to start for a variety of reasons. All you need is concentrated fuel and an ignition source. Because few detailed records were kept during New Castle’s coal boom, there’s no explanation for the Consolidated Mine’s fire.”

World’s Oldest Fire Has Been Burning for 5,500 Years

“Australian Traveler describes it: ‘Smell the acrid sulfur. Feel the heat from the roasting 350-degree surface. Watch the pale grey smoke waft into the air. Look for wedge-tailed eagles soaring on the thermal currents above. Imagine you’re at the beginning of time. Or perhaps the end.’”


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