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Hitler’s True Power: The Legendary Spear of Jesus Christ’s Death

The Spear of Destiny: Allegedly, Hitler believed Jesus died to a spear that held the power for its owner to conquer the world – so much so that it’s what actually allowed him to get so far in WW2.

It is also known as the holy lance.

According to legend, a spear used to kill Jesus during the crucifixion became imbued with powerful magical properties – properties Hitler allegedly exploited during WWII.

The spear used to finalize the death of Jesus during the crucifixion is said to empowered whomever owns it the ability to conquer the world –

Although Jesus was already thought to have been dead during the crucifixion, a Centurion wanted to make sure of it. Thus, he stabbed Jesus in the rib cage, causing him to bleed profusely. This moment is actually a symbolic moment in some Christian demoninations.

This spear, known through its legend as the “Spear of Destiney” is said to give its owner the power to conquer the world at least…. until the owner lost possession of it, at which point he would die.

It is said to have gone through the hands of multiple powerful rulers and dynasties throughout the last two millenia and actually seemingly provided them with the benefits the legends claim.

Eventually and actually through some interestingly detailed accounts, the legendary spear eventually found its way into the Hapsburg treasury at the Hofsmuseum in Vienna.

During a much less prestigous time for Hitler, he was supposedly studying some secretive Occult teachings and lived nearby the museum.

He had heard of the legend of the “Spear of Destiny” and even though many thought what was on display at the museum was one of many fakes of the alleged artifact, Hitler claimed he had moments where while he was near the spear he would feel an immense power radiating around it and see visions of what was to be his future destiny. He became obsessed with the object.

Later on, at the very beginning of WW2, Hitler marched into Austria with German soldiers and annexed, or took complete control over the country. At that moment, Hitler would have technical possession over the spear, since he had conquered the country it was located in. He immediately went to Vienna to retrieve the Spear of Destiny whilst at that exact same moment he began to be looked upon as a war hero. —

During the beginning of the war, Hitler made it basically his number one priority to possess the Spear of Destiny for himself. The first move was to march into Austria with an army of German soldiers. Hilter took the country over quite easily and forced it to become a partner in his ultimate goals. Immediately after the victory, Hitler simply went to the city where it was being kept at in Austria and took his beloved spear of destiny

He relocated the Spear back into German possession not close by him strangely. but actually in a location known as the spiritual capital of Germany. Perhaps he wanted his entire country to become empowered by the spears legendary empowerments.

Ironically, and funnily enough he lost the war after the American General George Patton claimed control over the german city the spear had been hidden in which In hindsight probably wasnt the best place to keep it. As soon as Hitler learned he had lost posession of his spear of destiny the legend of the spear followed through for Hitler as he then died by suicide….

It’s probably safe to say that the moment Hitler really began his reign coincided with the hero like status he obtained from his followers due to his initial victory in Austria – but this is also the moment when he gained possession of the Spear of Destiny.

It’s also probably safe to assume that once, well, the person whom had started a world wide war that he forsaw his destiny to win realized that he had genuinely just lost…that, that person, Hitler would commit suicide. But, once again, coincidentally or not, the moment he realized he had lost the war thus dying was also the moment he lost possession of the Spear of Destiney….which is a bit mysteriously in accordance to what it’s millennas old legend said would have happened.

had lost a world wide war that they had initially begun
say that when Hitler genuinely realized he had lost the war and was about to either be in prison for the rest of his life or tortured and killed that he chose to take his own life away.

Quite a few unique tales and legends involve Hitler, but this one is, to me at least, the most intriguing especially due to the mysterious amount of detailed pieces of evidence supporting it – so much so they are beyond the scope of this video. If you do a bit of further research on the artifact you’ll basically come across collected accounts of people whom probably had the spear sometime during the past two millennia, and whenever they did, they were usually conquering the world or on their way to it.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel