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Hitler ESCAPES to Argentina & Poses as a Priest?

Has Hitler Been Hiding in South America as a man named Father Crespi?

You’re about to find out!

In the past decade, many reports that Hitler actually did escape from Germany instead of committing suicide have resurfaced.

The supposed body of Hitler was actually difficult to identify as all the medical records…including the dental records of him were destroyed before falling into Allied Hands.

The only real evidence we have that the body found of Hitler was actually him are witnesses that supposedly witnessed the event of Hitler committing suicide – but even their stories don’t necessarily agree.

One prominant theory is that Hitler escaped to Spain and that body doubles took their own lives to protect their master. From Spain, Hitler supposedly took a submarine to a secret Nazi base in Antartica and then resurfaced in Argentina as a priest named “Father Krespi.”

Why Father Krespi? In 1982, when Krespi died more than 2000 people attended his funeral. Reportedly, the ceremoy was so elaborate it was reminisicent of that of a king. His coffin was made purely of marble and to this day is cleaned every week.

All of the donors remained anonymous.

But even more strange is that fact that Father Krespi left behind millions of dollars of artwork – artwork that some identified as being in Hitler’s personal collection….artwork that Father Krespi said was discovered by the local tribes in the area…artwork that was extremely Babylonian in nature.

Hitler was known for comparing his city to Babylonia on many occasions.

The mystery still remains as no one can provide solid evidence that Hitler himself was actually dead when the Allied armies arrived…

What do you think?

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel