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Government in Contact with Aliens: Project Aquarius

Is the Government in Communication with Aliens according to the Top Secret Documents of Project Aquarius?

In 1966, Project Aquarius was born. Project Aquarius’s purpose was to collect all known significant interactions between mankind and extraterrestrials. An executive briefing of the files contained within Project Aquarius has recently been released through the disclosure project.

These are the files contained within.

In 1949 an alien spacecraft crashed in the United States. Unlike other alleged crashes beforehand, there was one non-humanoid survivor.

This alien survivor was called itself “EBE” and was male. “EBE” was thoroughly interrogated by intelligence agencies in New Mexico. It was learned that “EBE” had come from the Zeta Riticuli star system — a system approximately 40 light years away from Earth.

During the 3 years “EBE” lived on earth and was alive he provided wealths of knowledge about topics such as the origins of the universe, space travel, and other extraterrestrial species in addition to his own.
On Jun 18th, 1952 “EBE” died of an unexplained illness.

Did the government really capture an alien and hold him alive for 3 years? Exactly what did the government learn from him?

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel