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Giant Hole Appears in Russia?

Giant Hole appears in Russia? Meteorite? UFO? Gate to Hell? Methane or Gas coming out of Earth?

Has this giant hole in russia been solved yet?

The hole has been caught by satellites and appears in one of the most remote places in Russia…Yamal…which literally translates to “the end of the world.”

As you can see from these pictures, the hole isn’t a sinkhole, and it’s obviously not anything man made. It also couldn’t be a meteor as meteors don’t form deep holes like that.

There are massive mounds of dirt surrounding the hole, indicating that something literally came out of and arose from the earth…

And this isn’t a small hole. It’s 262 feet across.

Scientists are pretty baffled at this one. Some think it may be caused by a huge amount of gas leaving the earth all at once.

Others believe perhaps some sort of craft…maybe a UFO arose from the Earth or perhaps dug its way down.

For now and until scientists have a chance to take a closer look at this…this one remains a mystery.

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Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel