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Ghosts Killed a Family’s Daughter?

Mysterious Ghosts kill daughter after haunting family’s house. Real Paranormal Activity in Texas. The mystery behind this paranormal haunting of the black hope cemetery remains unsolved.

A family moves into a home built on top of a slave cemetery. A ghost from the cemetery kills their daughter.

How did ghosts kill a family’s daughter?

That’s coming up!

In the 80s, the Williams family moved into a new house — a house they considered to be their dream home. But their dream soon turned into a nightmare.

They quickly learned from the neighbors that their house had actually been built on top of an old slave cemetery. To further confirm these claims, numerous neighbors had found coffins containing actual human remains upon digging in their back yard.

The Williams also started noticing strange phenomenon.

Sink holes that would appear in the shape of a coffin. Even after filling the sinkholes, they would always reappear a few days later.

Any plants they planted would always die. The family would encounter strange and unexpectedly cold pockets of air…pockets of air that also gave them a strange feeling of foreboding or that something bad was about to happen.

The Williams, unable to afford the down payment on another house decided to stay and fight their curse. They nearly won 150,000 dollars from the developer of the land in a lawsuit, except for the fact that they could never actually show any human remains that they had found on their property.

Angry, they decided to start digging. The mother, Jean Williams, started first. Within a few minutes, she complained of overwhelming feelings of dread and had to go lie down. The adult daughter, Tina, took over. She too experienced the same symptoms as her mother…except she never recovered from them and actually ended up dying of a massive heart attack two days later.

The mystery of the graveyard still remains, but the Williams managed to move elsewhere and escape their curse.

Was the William’s family curse real or was it all in their head?

What do you think?

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel