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Ghosts in Tourist’s Video at Ye Olde Man Pub

The Ye Olde Man Pub in Britain has continued to live up to it’s name as “world’s most haunted pub” when tourists captured footage of ghosts flickering lights while they were being spoken of outside the establishment.

The most haunted pub in the world continues to haunt it’s owner.

Although it’s notorious for being haunted, the Ye Olde Pub in Manchester, UK continues to get creepier.

Recently a flash of light was captured on camera in a window of the pub after a tourist began speaking of the ghosts.

But that’s just the beginning. The manager of the pub, Tony Dooley, whom actually lives in a room at the pub. has caught creepy figures standing at the bar on his security cameras before.

One night, Mr. Dooley awoke to find his feet were extremely wet and clammy…as if something were licking them.

The pub was allegedly the place where James Stanley, an important figure in the English Civil War, 2 spent his last hours before being beheaded in 1951.

Hundreds of soldiers also died outside the pub in Bolton Massacre of 1644.

Is the place haunted? If any place ever was…it’d had to be this one.

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Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel