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Ghost Moving Chair on Camera at Brookside Theatre

The Brookside Theatre in Romford, Essex captures the ghost of child moving a chair and a table on CCTV / security camera after a psychic’s show.

A security camera catches furniture being moved and lifted by an alleged child’s ghost.

The Brookside Theatre in Romford, Essex, in the UK has had its share of paranormal happenings lately – but many say it’s latest creepy event is direct evidence that paranormal events are real and that ghosts may actually exist.

CCTV cameras record a chair being lifted and moved on it’s own at 4am in the morning on Sunday…when absolutely no one was even close to being in the building yet alone the room.

A table is also recorded as moving on its own.

You can see a few orbs flying past the camera as well.

Interestingly, to the left there appears to be the shadow of something or perhaps someone on the wall – which could be interpreted as many things.

The imprint of what appears to be a child’s foot was also caught at the scene.

Workers of the theatre note feeling a paranormal childlike presence many times before.

Other strange footprints of a child have appeared around the building. One of the members of the theatre’s cast even claims they saw a ghostly figure once.

Another member of the cast claims they were shoved into the toilet while in the bathroom by an unknown force.

Owners of the theatre plan on having paranormal investigators come by soon – especially after this last incident.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel