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Ghost Caught Taking Selfie on Daughter’s Cell Phone

Ghost Caught on Tape – A Romanian woman’s dead grandmother took a cell phone selfie of her in the afterlife with her grand daughter’s phone to warn her of impending punishment.

34 year old Romanian, Gina Mihai, discovered this strange picture appearing out of nowhere and resembling her grandmother being strangled by a snake on the other side.

The picture looks like it was taken through a hole of some sort..perhaps a tear in the fabric between both dimensions…between the living and the dead?

Every year, Romanians have what they call “a feast of the alms” at their local cemetery. There, they bring food for the poor to honor the dead and their spirits.

Gina hadn’t gone to this service for the past three years which is why she believes she received this warning message.

But perhaps it was just some technical malfunction with her phone…perhaps not. Either way, it does indeed look extremely creepy and has caused terrified romanians in southeastern Romania to flock to churches and pray.

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Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel