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Ghost Attacks Man – Caught on Security Camera

Ghost Attacks Man on Security Camera. Caught on Tape, guy attacked by aggressive spirit ghost. Real or Fake?

We take a closer look at the Ghost Attack Video which shows what appears to be a dark demon spirit or ghost shadow attacking and dragging a man across a hall way.

Did a ghost attack a man in this security camera footage?
You’re about to find out!

What many believe is a ghost or demon is caught by security cameras attacking a man in a hallway — the black entity pushes the man over and then drags him across the floor before the man is able to escape by sprinting away.

Apparently this was not the first supernatural encounter in this building….others who work and live in the area also reported encounters of a similar nature.

Aside from the ghost or demon theory, some believe that this could be something called a “Shadow Person” while others report that the video is obviously photoshopped — apparently you can see the “attacker’s” shadow on the wall…which includes the hand he used to push the man over with if you very carefully watch the video.

What exactly is being caught by the security cameras here?
What do you think?

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel