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Found: The BIGGEST Volcano Out There!

Scientists believe they’ve discovered the largest volcano on Earth! But it’s not the biggest one out there. Trace looks at the greatest volcanoes in our Solar System.

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Underwater volcano is Earth’s biggest

“Geophysicists have discovered what they say is the largest single volcano on Earth, a 650-kilometre-wide beast the size of the British Isles lurking beneath the waters of the northwest Pacific Ocean.”

The Tallest Mountains in the Solar System

“If asked to name the tallest mountain on Earth, most people would answer Mount Everest. They’d be wrong–Everest is the highest peak on the planet, but mountains are measured from their base to their peak, and Everest’s base sits far above sea level on the Tibetan Plateau. And when you start looking at the tallest (known) mountains in the solar system, Mount Everest, at only 2.3 to 2.9 miles tall (depending on where you decide the mountain’s base is located), doesn’t even make the list:”

Io: Overview

“Looking like a giant pizza covered with melted cheese and splotches of tomato and ripe olives, Io is the most volcanically active body in the solar system. Volcanic plumes rise 300 km (190 miles) above the surface, with material spewing out at nearly half the required escape velocity.”

Deep In The Pacific, Scientists Discover Biggest Volcano On Earth

“The world’s largest volcano has until now been lurking undiscovered in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, according to a team of scientists who identified the massive object and reported their findings in the latest issue of Nature Geoscience.”


“The largest of the volcanoes in the Tharsis Montesregion, as well as all known volcanoes in the solar system, is Olympus Mons.”

Olympus Mons: Giant Mountain of Mars

“Olympus Mons is the largest volcano in the solar system. The massive Martian mountain towers high above the surrounding plains of the red planet, and may be biding its time until the next eruption.”

Plate tectonics confirmed on Mars

“After nearly forty years of research, scientists have finally proven that plate tectonics exist on Mars. A recently published paper by An Yin in the journal Lithosophere reveals that the origin of Valles Marineris on Mars — the longest trough system in the solar system — was formed by rifting, strike-slip faulting, and subsurface mass removal. Yin’s research now shows that Earth’s surface is not the only one in the solar system subject to the forces of plate tectonics.”

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