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First Cloned Human Embryos Yield Stem Cells

Scientists have cloned a human embryo, and from those clones, extracted stem cells. It’s a first that could transform medicine. But as Anthony tells us, the ongoing battle over stem cell research could make this advancement DOA.

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Human Stem Cells Created by Cloning

“Breakthrough sets up showdown with induced adult lines.”

Scientists Create First Cloned Human Embryo

“The process that created Dolly the sheep in 1996 has now been proven successful in humans.

Producing Primate Embryonic Stem Cells by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer

“Derivation of embryonic stem (ES) cells genetically identical to a patient by somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) holds the potential to cure or alleviate the symptoms of many degenerative diseases while circumventing concerns regarding rejection by the host immune system.”


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