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Female Alien Abducts Man

A man claims to have had a romantic relationship with an alien named Crescent since he was eight.

Ever since the age of eight, David Huggins says that he was abducted by aliens and has had an ongoing relationship with
them, a close relationship with them…..so close sometimes that its become romantic.

He says that he has fathered several half human half alien children and depicts his experiences and quite a few paintings. The paintings get pretty graphic so I can’t show too much of them here, but upon looking at them, the amount of work he has put into them and just their level of detail really makes you wonder.

He says that “I don’t know much but I do know for sure, I lost my virginity to a extraterrestrial woman.”

That woman pictured here….he says has the name Crescent.

It’s quite a claim and makes you really wonder.

Could aliens be trying to conduct some sort of hybrid experiment or have some sort of goal of blending in? Why would they? What would be their motivations for doing so?

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Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel