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Extreme People You Won’t Believe Exist!

Along with people with extreme conditions comes some really interesting stories! From the fattest woman in the world to the person with the longest hair, these are the 10 most extreme people in the world.

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Longest Dreadlocks in the world
Asha Mandela holds the title for the longest dreadlocks in the world.
Last measured at 19 and a half feet in 2016, her hair weighs an incredible 42 pounds.
the longest pieces of her hair measure 55 feet in length.

Longest Beard in the World
Hans Langseth had the longest beard in the history of the world, which measured at 17 and half feet.
Though he died in 1927, his beard remains on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.
Today, the longest beard on a living person belongs to Sarwan Singh of Canada.

Longest Female beard
Since we’re not sexist, the woman with the longest beard in the world is Vivian Wheeler.
Measuring at 11 inches, she has what is referred to as werewolf syndrome and was born as a hermaphrodite.
After her parents died, she had a son with a carnival operator in her late 20s.
The two appeared on Maury to reveal the results of the paternity test, and have a great relationship to this day.

Longest Ear Hair
An Indian grocer named Radhakant Baijpai became famous for growing the world’s longest ear hair.
At the time he was awarded, his ear hair measured 5.2 inches in length.
Another Indian native on the list, Anthony Victor has the record for the most ear hair.
With one measuring over 7 inches, Radhakant may soon be challenged for his title.

World’s Longest Nose
Measuring 3.46 inches from bridge to tip, Turkish native Mehmet Ozyurek has the longest nose in the world.

Fattest Woman in the World
Mayra Rosales was the fattest woman in the world weighing in at an astounding 1,036 pounds.
She became the subject of the documentary, “Half-ton Killer”

Skinniest Woman in the World
At the age of 39, Valeria Levitin weighs less than 60 pounds.
Standing at a height of 5 feet 8 inches, she should weigh around 130 pounds.
though her battle with Anorexia has left her weighing less than half of what she should.

Tallest Man Alive
Sultan Kösen became the tallest man alive in the world in 2009, measuring 8 feet, 2.8 inches.
Having pituitary gigantism, the Turkish native only recently stopped growing.
He also holds the record for the largest hands in the world, each one measuring nearly a foot from wrist to fingertip.
Only ten men have been reported to ever grow beyond a height of 8 feet.
The tallest man ever was less than an inch shy of 9 feet.

Shortest Man Alive
Chandra Bahadur Dangi is the shortest man alive, and the shortest adult to ever exist in history.
The 74 year old grew up in a remote village of Nepal
He is only 21 and a half inches in height, making him 6 and a half feet shorter than the tallest man in the world.

Biggest Legs in the World
Mandy Sellars has the biggest legs in the world.
While she is a slender size 12, she weighs over 300 pounds.
Due to an unknown condition, the large majority of this weight is in her legs and feet.
Sellars was featured in the series Extraordinary People in 2008 on the episode “The Woman With the Giant Legs”

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel