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Evolution Punishes the Selfish

You’d think being selfish would help a species survive… but you’d be wrong! Turns out not only is it important to be generous, our species’ survival depends on it! Laci explains why.

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Young Children Consider Merit when Sharing Resources with Others

“Merit is a key principle of fairness: rewards should be distributed according to how much someone contributed to a task.”

Nice organisms finish first: Why cooperators always win in the long run

“Leading physicists last year turned game theory on its head by giving selfish players a sure bet to beat cooperative players. Now two evolutionary biologists at Michigan State University offer new evidence that the selfish will die out in the long run.”

Humans naturally cooperative, altruistic, social

“The condition of man is a condition of war, wrote 17th-century philosopher Thomas Hobbes.”

Altruism: an accident of nature?

“Bees, bats, ravens and humans often help one another. But usually there’s a hidden agenda.”

Altruism in Action: Japanese Surfer Hero Rescues His Wife, Mother and Others

“In case you still had doubts about the way natural disasters can bring out the best in people, consider the heroic actions of Hideaki Akaiwa.”

Altruistic helping in human infants and young chimpanzees.

“Human beings routinely help others to achieve their goals, even when the helper receives no immediate benefit and the person helped is a stranger.”

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