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El Dorado: City of Gold…Perhaps More Than a Myth

Does the ancient city of El Dorado (Manoa) made entirely of gold exist in the Americas still waiting to be found?

Around the time of the 16th century, rumors of a city made completely of gold named “El Dorado” spread its way through the Spanish like a virus.

In the early 16th century, a shipwrecked man by the anme of Diego de Ordaz claimed to have been rescued by the “El Dorado” themselves. The king of the city allegedly wore powdered gold as his outfit…as it was so plentiful in the city.

Spanish consquistadors even witnessed the native’s seemingly plentiful amount of gold trickets and precious stones that….strangely…the natives assigned almost no value to.

hHis sight led the spaniards to believe that there must be some plentiful source for the metals and gems…further purpetuating the legend of “El Dorado”.

Eventually the Spaniards overwhelmed all of the native civilizations in search of gold and other valuable metals. All the natives were completely wiped out.

After so much bloodshed, only very little gold was ever found. Which was strange, because the natives seemed to have such a plentiful supply of it.

Where did it all come from?

To this day, some still believe “El Dorado” is hidden somewhere in the Americas just waiting to be found.

What do you think? Is “El Dorado” just a myth…or is there something more tangible to the story?

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Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel