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EGG Discovered on Mars?

Has an egg has been discovered on Mars by the Curiosity Rover?

This photo seems a little bit silly the first time you look at it. However,
When you look around the photo you notice that every other object is actually rough and jagged. In fact, the more you look the weirder this object becomes.

So why is this object smooth, round, and different from all the other rocks and objects in the picture?

I mean really, what is this thing?

Did something lay it? Meaning that some sort of life exists on Mars…
Did someone or something carve it out of the rock and make it smooth? Who or what would do that?

Did the wind blow on it and erode it away…and not affect any of the other rocks? That seems strange.

Perhaps this rock was slowly carved away by an ancient river and that’s why it’s so smooth. But then again, that doesn’t explain why it’s found near a bunch of jagged and rough rocks.

Whatever it is or was its very peculiar. Whenever there is something that isn’t like the others…it has some sort of meaning.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel