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Earth in 100 Million Years: 5 Unknowns of the Universe Documentary

A space documentary, universe documentary, earth documentary, and documentary of discovery into the unknown: If an advanced race of beings came to visit Earth today they’d find nothing more than a bunch of psychotic hairless apes murdering each other over which bit of dirt was theirs.

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From a distance, the Earth would look much as it does today, with random splotches of green bursting out from a carpet of ocean blue…To paint a full picture of what the Earth might look like in a hundred million years we have to consider who or what is likely to be living there at the time.As we mentioned in the previous entry, we’re almost certain that the previous mass extinction of life on Earth was at least partially caused by the impact of an asteroid or comet in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula 66 million years ago. I hope those intergalactic explorers have brought their hazmat suits because in 100 million years the Earth might be ever so slightly radioactive, thanks to a local star going supernova or maybe a quasar.Hooray, it’s time for a climate change entry. So what’s the answer?

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel