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Drones Are The New Delivery Service

You hear the word ‘drone,’ you think military. But no more! Drones could soon be synonymous with package delivery! Forget waiting days for a package to arrive by snail mail. As Trace tells us, these drones offer near instant delivery times, and can go anywhere you do.

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How Low Is The Sky? And More Questions A Drone Legal Case Might Resolve

“Austrian Raphael “Trappy” Pirker has been flying drones and taking aerial photos as a hobby for about five years. But now he may have to pay $10,000 for an incident in October 2011, according to a complaint filed by the Federal Aviation Administration, alleging reckless flight over the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville, Va., and taking paid compensation for aerial photography without being licensed.”

Beer Drones To Deliver Brew to Concertgoers

“Thirsty music festivalgoers in South Africa this summer may be able to get beer instantly delivered to them — via drones.”

Duuude, Finally: Drones That Deliver Beer

“This August, drones will drop payloads all over South Africa’s OppiKoppi music festival, and there’s a good chance no one will mind. Probably because the payload is beer.”

Drone Service Delivers Textbooks to Students in Minutes

“If waiting two or three days for a FedEx package seems like a lifetime, you may soon have a new, faster shipping option: drones.”

Clawed drone grabs prey on the fly just like an eagle

“AS IF being eyes in the sky weren’t enough, drones are now getting arms and legs, too. With their newfound limbs they are learning to grab objects in mid-flight or even change a light bulb.”

Navy could soon use 3-D printers to manufacture drones and weapons

“The first wave of tomorrow’s wars may begin with a printout. When U.S. Navy ships need to resupply ammunition and other essential equipment, they have to pull into port. But could the advent of 3-D printers cut out the middleman, allowing the military to literally print out weapons and other supplies?”

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Drones Protect Nature

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Drone Operators & PTSD


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