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Documented Alien Contact

Satellites listening for extraterrestrial communications actually picked something up.

On August 15th, 1977, a volunteer researcher for SETI, The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, used the radio telescope at Ohio State University called “Big Ear” to scan the airwaves for unusual frequencies.

While scanning for unusual radio wave transmissions emanating from the depths of space, Jerry Ehman believes he found what he was looking for in a seventy two seconds long strong, narrowband radio signal that bares the expected characteristics of non-terrestrial and non-Solar System origin.

The 72 second Wow signal seemed to be originate from somewhere in the vicinity of the star Tau Sagittarii, in the constellation Sagitarius.
This prompted him to write the word WOW in the margin of the signal printout, and throughout the massive media attention the discovery received, the name Wow Signal has stuck.

The BIG EAR radio telescope array was staggeringly huge, taking up the equivalent of more than three football fields, necessary to detect the extrame frequencies at which interstellar transmissions would likely be made.

After more than twenty two years of continuous service, the BIG EAR radio telescope was dismantled and destroyed in 1998, and the land sold off to developers. Now a golf course stretches across the ground where it once stood.

Just what did the Big Ear telescopes pick up on that day? Why was it never picked up again? Was someone trying to send us a message?

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