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Do We Still Need Women To Make Babies?

Do We Still Need Women To Make Babies?

You need sperm and an egg to make a baby… Or do you? Have scientists figured out a way to create embryos without eggs?

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Mice produced by mitotic reprogramming of sperm injected into haploid parthenogenotes

“Sperm are highly differentiated and the activities that reprogram them for embryonic development during fertilization have historically been considered unique to the oocyte. We here challenge this view and demonstrate that mouse embryos in the mitotic cell cycle can also directly reprogram sperm for full-term development.”

Zapped human eggs divide without sperm

“A trick that persuades human eggs to divide as if they have been fertilised could provide a source of embryonic stem cells that sidesteps ethical objections to existing techniques. It could also be deployed to improve the success rate of IVF.”

Baby mice created from sperm, without an egg

“It might be possible in the future to make babies without female eggs, new research claims. Scientists at Bath University in the United Kingdom say they have successfully used sperm to create healthy baby mice by injecting the sperm cells directly into embryos.”


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