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Do Ghosts Exist? Exploring the Paranormal

According to some studies, a whopping third of Americans believe in ghosts. So Laci Green decided it’s time to look at the shaky science behind the paranormal. And what she finds might just explain away that bump in the night.

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Are Ghosts Real? Science Says No-o-o-o

“If you believe in ghosts, you’re not alone: A 2005 Gallup poll found that 37 percent of Americans believe in haunted houses, and about one-third believe in ghosts.”

Ghosts are all in your mind

“When scientists wrote in a recent issue of the journal Nature that they could induce phantom effects — the sensation of being haunted by a shadowy figure — by stimulating the brain with electricity, it made perfect neurological sense.”

Electrodes trigger out-of-body experience

“Stimulating brain region elicits illusion often attributed to the paranormal.”

Is the brain hardwired for religion?

“As we learn more about what happens in the brain during a religious experience, is it possible that we’ll ever be able to create them ourselves?”

Brain Chemicals That Cause Sleep Paralysis Discovered

“During the most dream-filled phase of sleep, our muscles become paralyzed, preventing the body from acting out what’s going on in the brain.”

Ask the Brains: What Is Sleep Paralysis?

“Attacks by demons, ghostly visitations and alien abductions: some people are certain they have experienced such paranormal events. In reality, many of these victims probably had an episode of sleep paralysis.”

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