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Did Two Men Try to Escape the Matrix?

Two men wearing lead masks appear to have taken capsules and died in an unexplained mystery that looks to be an attempt to escape the Matrix…

It’s August 20th, 1966 in Rio de Janerio, Brazil. A boy…flying a kite stumbles over the dead bodies of two men whom were mysteriously wearing lead masks…the type that would protect them from radiation.

The men were also dressed very nicely…almost as if they were going to a wedding or some sort of celebration. They were also wearing waterproof coats.

Police arrive on the scene soon after and identify the men as two electrical technicians…meaning that they were probably pretty intelligent.

They also discover an empty water bottle nearby along with two damp towels.

Strangest of all though, a notebook is found nearby with instructions written in it.

The instructions, translated from Portuguese, read:
4:30 PM Be at the agreed place.
6:30 PM Swallow capsules, affect effect, protect metals, wait for mask signal.”

There were no obvious injuries or cause of death to the two men…and unfortunately because the coroner’s office was allegedly too busy….the internal organs of the two men had decomposed too much for any type of reliable testing to be done…perhaps to determine if the capsules had been their cause of death.

Mysteriously, a similar case in an area close by had also been documented 4 years earlier — another man with a lead mask and mysterious instructions.

The area had seen many recent local UFO sightings. Whether the events are related or not will forever remain a mystery.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel