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Did The Sun Steal Planet Nine From Another Solar System?

Outer space is full of free-floating orphan planets searching for a new home. What would happen if one flew into our solar system?

Would NASA Tell Us About Alien Contact? –
How The Mysterious Planet 9 Is Tilting Our Solar System –
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‘Planet Nine’ Could Be an Alien Intruder

“New dynamical simulations suggest that the mysterious unseen world might be an interstellar rogue that was captured by our solar system.”

Lonely Rogue Worlds Surprisingly Outnumber Planets with Suns

“Astronomers have discovered a whole new class of alien planet: a vast population of Jupiter-mass worlds that float through space without any discernible host star, a new study finds.”

Free-Floating Planets May Be More Common Than Stars

“Astronomers have discovered a new class of Jupiter-sized planets floating alone in the dark of space, away from the light of a star. The team believes these lone worlds are probably outcasts from developing planetary systems and, moreover, they could be twice as numerous as the stars themselves.”

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