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Crew VANISHES On Ghost Ship….the Mary Celeste….

The mystery of the Mary Celeste still remains one of the greatest maritime mysteries of all time. Was it haunted?…some sort of ghost ship?

The ship is famous for being discovered in 1872, in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, completely abandoned….yet still in fine sailing condition….with plenty of supplies.

The lifeboat was missing from the ship as well as part of its cargo which consisted of large oak barrels of commercial alcohol.

All of the personal belongings of the crew as well as a 6 month supply of food and water were found on board – countering the notion that pirates had attacked the ship….as they would have taken much more.

Can you imagine just sailing up to a huge abandoned ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean?…with no one on board…?….creepy isn’t it? A true ghost ship.

To this day, one of the more prominent theories is that there was a frightening explosion of alcohol from the cargo they were carrying…causing the crew members to jump onto a lifeboat and trail behind the ship until everything seemed alright…only to accidentally lose their connection during a storm.

To this day, the theories as to what exactly happened to the crew members of the Mary Celeste range from pirates, to violent disputes among the crew members, to excessive drunkedness of the crew members causing them to committ murder, to some sort of abduction by unknown entities, to an unforeseen explosion from the alcohol scaring the crew members onto a lifeboat.

Regardless, the ship was cursed by sailors after the event….due to whatever the truth to this famous maritime mystery was.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel