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Creepy Shadow Ghost

A creepy family photograph shows some sort of ghost like shadow or the corpse of someone falling from the ceiling.

Is a dead body falling from the ceiling in this 50 year old family photograph?

The story behind this one is actually mysteriously simple – although it varies depending upon the source.

Allegedly, the Cooper family moved into a new house and took a picture of themselves to celebrate.

The story goes two ways here.

One story says that when the film was developed, this ghastly figure of a human corpse hanging from the ceiling appeared…ushering the Cooper family to immediately move out of their new house.

Another story states that a dead body actually fell during the taking of this picture, but the Cooper family only reacts immediately after the photo is snapped…and they, then, well….obviously, freaked out a bit…and then accordingly move into a new home.

Despite the fact that this photo is supposedly quite old and has been around the internet quite a bit, that’s the only information there is on it.

Let’s see if we can figure out a bit more with some analysis – perhaps to check for evidence of the photo being altered or faked in some way.

First off, the shadows.

The sole existence of the shadows seems to indicate that this was a tangible body…not some sort of ghost – it’s an object that doesn’t allow light to pass through it.

The shadows of the family in the picture have shadows behind them whose direction line up with the light source emitted from the camera…in a similar direction to that of the hanging body.

The body has shadow’s behind it that show a lightsource not only from the camera, but also from the candle’s in front of it….

Look at the body’s right arm, you can see two shadows around it..from the two different light sources…camera and candles. The direction lines up as well.

As for the body’s right hand, the blurry parts around it either indicate some sort of quick motion blur or perhaps evidence the photo had been altered. I’m not sure.

I have no idea what caused the face to be completely black – either something paranormal or lack of light in that direction….

Some say the photo could have been altered by an old technique known as “double exposure”…but double exposure usually makes it seem as if light passes through the objects…as in these photos….the body here doesn’t do that.

I don’t think the photo shows much evidence of it being altered though, due to the lighting, shadows, and lack of evidence for a double exposure…..

So really…to conclude…a dead body really did fall from the ceiling or some sort of body….or…..someone was playing a prank when this picture was taken….or perhaps there was some sort of paranormal incidence here.

What do you think the truth is behind this mysterious photo?

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel