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Creepy “Ghost” Child Caught on Tape by Girls on Camping Trip

Blair Witch Ghost Video! Child’s Ghost Terrifies Girls on a Camping Trip in Leigh Woods, Bristol. 2 female campers captured a creepy image on their camera that revealed a paranormal child-like ghost.

Lola Swan and Kate Channon had the most terrifying night of their lives, but it was what they found on their camera the next day that will leave you speechless.

The two girls went out on a recent camping trip this week where they encountered what appears to be the ghost of a child.

Everything was fine during the day while they set up camp. But by nightfall the two began hearing eerie sounds of twigs snapping and branches breaking….sounds suggesting someone or something is walking around. They also felt like they were being watched.

They even started losing things — during the trip their hammer mysteriously disappeared.

Finally, they began hearing the voice of a child outside their tent at around 1am in the morning. This is when they allegedly decided to pack everything up and run back home.

The next day, while flipping through pictures they took, they discovered actual photo evidence of what they had experience.
A few questions along with their associated theories exist.

For example, why have the two taken a picture of them taking a picture? Additionally who took this picture of them taking a picture? Was it a 3rd person?

The way the girls are dressed makes them look like they just came back from the mall…not that they are on a camping trip or even that they are the type of people to go out camping on their own.

Perhaps these girls talked themselves into finding something that wasn’t actually there…perhaps this was a somewhat poorly executed hoax….or perhaps it was something else.

What do you think?

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel