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Could This Technology Make Cheap Energy Clean?

We talk about energy a lot here on DNews, and for good reason. Learn how this company is looking to change the way we capture carbon.

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Capturing Carbon as a Byproduct of Running a Fuel Cell

“The more that engineers look, the more they find unexpected ways to capture carbon dioxide, a gas that scientists say threatens global climate stability.”

Fuel Cells Could Offer Cheap Carbon Dioxide Storage

“The electrochemical reactions that occur inside fuel cells to generate electricity could provide a cheap way to selectively remove carbon dioxide from the exhaust gases of fossil-fuel power plants.”

Carbon capture and storage

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Carbon Capture

“The FuelCell Energy Direct FuelCell® (DFC®) is based on carbonate fuel cell technology. The fuel cell electrochemical reactions are supported by an electrolyte layer in which carbonate ions serve as the ion bridge that completes the electrical circuit.”

What is U.S. electricity generation by energy source?

“In 2013, the United States generated about 4,058 billion kilowatthours of electricity. About 67% of the electricity generated was from fossil fuel (coal, natural gas, and petroleum), with 39% attributed from coal.”


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