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Could This Experimental Treatment Prevent Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s Disease affects about 5 million Americans, and is one of the leading causes of death in the US. Have scientists found a way to prevent it?

Can Alzheimer’s Start In Your 20s? –
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Gene therapy could prevent Alzheimer’s, study suggests

“Alzheimer’s disease is the most common kind of dementia. It affects over 40 million people worldwide, bringing memory loss, confusion, and personality or mood changes. There is currently no cure.”

Alzheimer’s disease could be treated with gene therapy, suggests animal study

“Researchers have prevented the development of Alzheimer’s disease in mice by using a virus to deliver a specific gene into the brain. The early-stage findings, by scientists from Imperial College London, open avenues for potential new treatments for the disease.”

How Exercise Improves Your Memory

“Good news this week for those of us with persistent memory problems. According to new research out of Europe, moderately strenuous exercise actually improves … what were we talking about again? We kid you. We are kidders.”


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