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Could Sex Kill Your Grandpa?

Could Sex Kill Your Grandpa?

Let’s face it: we’re all going to get old. But does that mean we should stop having sex? DNews looks into how healthy sex is as you age.

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Sex and the cardiovascular system: the intriguing tale of how women and men regulate cardiovascular function differently

“The ability to recognize and appreciate from a reproductive standpoint that males and females possess different attributes has been long standing. Only more recently have we begun to look more deeply into both the similarities and differences between men and women, as well as between boys and girls, with respect to the structure and function of other organ systems.”

10 Ways More Sex Can Improve Your Health

“It probably won’t take much convincing to follow this general rule, but you should know it, anyway—the more sex you have, the healthier you’ll be. Not only can it help your general mood (thereby reducing stress), but studies show there are tangible ways sex slows down the aging process, fights disease and even heals wounds.”

Cardiac and vascular pathophysiology in hypertension

“Hypertension is one the earliest recorded medical conditions (Nei Jin by Huang Ti around 2600BC); it has shaped the course of modern history and the consequences of hypertension (myocardial infarction, strokes, and heart failure) will soon be the leading global cause of death.”

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