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Could Humans Ever Regrow Teeth?

98% of American suffer from tooth decay, but scientists may have found a way to fix that. Is there a way to regrow your teeth?

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Will dentists help you to grow new teeth?

“But there is good news on the horizon as well—recent research also suggests that we might soon be able to refill the holes in our teeth with healthy, living tissue, giving our permanent teeth a second chance.”

The end of root canals? Revolutionary ‘stem cell fillings’ trigger teeth to repair themselves

“The horror of a root canal could soon be a thing of the past thanks to a radical new stem cell treatment. Researchers say the new type of tooth filling can cause teeth to repair and regenerate themselves.”

Is Flossing Your Teeth Worthless?

“News stories earlier this week have challenged the conventional wisdom dispensed by dentists for decades: that flossing your teeth regularly helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease.”

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