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Copper Scroll Treasure Map of Biblical Times

Does an ancient copper scroll treasure map from the dead sea reveal the location of over 60 hidden treasures from the time of Jesus?

Back around the time of 1954, scrolls that remapped what we thought about history were found in a cave near the Dead Sea.

Among these scrolls were the copper scrolls. Scrolls literally made of copper with writing engraved on them.

The scrolls depict the location of over 60 different hidden treasures.

Many speculate that the total sum of treasures located would top $1,000,000, but some believe that whatever is found within these treasures could be priceless. What if the Ark of the Covenant is found? It would change the way modern religion is viewed forever…

Are people searching for these treasures? Yes, but there are a few complications.

First off, no one knows if the treasures are still even in their original locations, Romans or looters could have taken them.

The vocabulary of the scroll is also very technical and refers to places we more or less have no idea about nowadays.

For instance, here are a couple passages from the scrolls:

“In the gutter which is in the bottom of the rain tank….”

“In the Second Enclosure, in the Underground passage that looks east….”

Still, a man by the name of Jim Barfield has done an overwhelming amount of research on the location of each of these treasures and believes he knows where to find them.

A huge manority of rabbis, archealogists, and historians even believe that he is correct.

In January of 2013, Jim submitted the required paperwork for beginning the excavation of these treasures. He wanted to do a simple scan to prove his theories.

Even though scans like these had been done many times before without any restriction, the Archeaological Department of Civil Administration of Isreal blocked Mr. Barfield cold from performing his scan.

A well known colleague of Mr. Barfield who was going to help him with his findings offered a thought:

“Mr. Barfield, they are afraid of what you will find…”

You can support Jim Barfield and his research at copper-scroll-project.com.

But what do you think, are these ancient treasuremaps to artifacts that will change the world?…a work of fiction in some way…or just hidden stores of precious metals that may have already been looted?

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel