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CLOSEUP of Bigfoot on Camera?

Have we finally gotten a close up of Bigfoot on caught on tape? Out of all bigfoot footage, this is probably the closest of bigfoot sightings that has been photographed.

The place is Tuscon, Ohio. There’s movement in the woods. Somethings moving really fast. A hunter’s camera picks up on it and takes a photo.

WHAT is this a picture of? A bear? No, bears don’t stand on their hind legs like this.

But this creature has tons of fur…and is standing on it’s hind legs…what could it be? There’s no animal like that…especially in Ohio.
The creature is also moving so fast it’s causing a motion blur on the photo. It looks like it’s sprinting or something.

You can make out its thick body, huge arms…and what appear to be human like muscles. You can see it’s should muscle and tricep.
Because of the motion blur, we can’t get a very good look at the creature’s face…but it looks really weird.

Notice how you can see it’s mouth…which looks to be slightly open…and then how you can even see what appear to be it’s teeth.

It looks like a classic bigfoot encounter. All the traits are there…an ape like human covered in fur.

This is not something I’d want to run into in the forest…especially if it can move that fast.

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Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel