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City Vs. Country- Which is Safer?

You’d think peaceful country living would do wonders for your health. No pollution, less violence, seems like the obvious way to go, right? But it isn’t so cut and dry. Trace looks at risks, and life saving benefits of each.

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You may be safer living in the city than the country, study finds

“Want to keep your family safe? Then raise your kids in the city.”

City vs. Country: Who Is Healthier?

“Urban Areas Clean Up, Residents Live Longer, Stay Fitter; But Stress Is Less in Rural Regions”

Safety in Numbers: Are Major Cities the Safest Places in the United States?

“By 2008, more than half of the world’s people was living in urban areas for the ?rst time in human history.”

Stress and the city: Urban decay

“Scientists are testing the idea that the stress of modern city life is a breeding ground for psychosis.”

City living and urban upbringing affect neural social stress processing in humans

“More than half of the world’s population now lives in cities, making the creation of a healthy urban environment a major policy priority.”

Stress and the city: How your brain responds

“The people, the traffic, the crime – these are just some reasons why you might feel stressed out while living in a city. And now research backs up that the brain of a city-dweller may respond more strongly to stress than a country-dweller.”

Living in an Urban Center Versus the Suburbs: Pros and Cons

“You’re thinking of moving and you’re debating about whether to live in an urban center or the suburbs. The problem is that there are so many arguments on both sides of the debate that you’re finding it hard to make up your mind.”

Is Urban Living Actually Better than Suburban Living?

“An interesting discussion has broken out at Planetizen, about whether or not cities are really the golden examples of sustainability that they are often held up to be. Could it be that city dwellers actually use the same (or, even more) amount of carbon as those who live in the suburbs?”

Urban Living Is Kinder to the Planet Than the Suburban Lifestyle

“To many Americans, ecological nirvana is a bucolic existence surrounded by wilderness. But the Thoreauvian desire for more elbow room has led to sprawl, malls, and cougar attacks.”

Why Rural Living May Make Sense for You

“Many city folk can’t imagine living in very rural areas, but there are opportunities and advantages to living in the country, like fewer distractions and a lower cost of living. The Simple Dollar offers some rebuttals to common arguments against living rural.”

Rural life can add stress to pregnancy

“Stress during pregnancy can lead to adverse health outcomes, such as low birth weight or pre-term delivery, previous research has shown.”

New York’s waste management plans don’t address throwaway culture

“New York City has a garbage problem. It’s not a little garbage problem either, but a gigantic one that involves finding economically viable and sustainable ways to dispose of approximately 50,000 tons of residential and commercial waste every single day.”

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