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Cities Are Like Stars

People living in big cities have a lot in common with… the inside of a star? Sounds crazy, but it actually makes sense. Anthony explains this radical new way to look at life in the world’s busiest cities.

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Cities are a new kind of complex system: Part social reactor, part network

“A mathematical framework for understanding cities.”

How Do Stars Create Their Energy?

“Stars create their energy through the process of nuclear fusion. Fusion is the process in which light atoms combine to form heavier atoms, giving off excess energy in the process.”

Art: Biology of Cities

“Cities [are] living organisms; [they] are born and . . . develop, disintegrate and die. . . . The cities of today . . . universally exhibit the same alarming symptoms. These endanger their very existence.”

Geoffrey West: The surprising math of cities and corporations

“Physicist Geoffrey West has found that simple, mathematical laws govern the properties of cities — that wealth, crime rate, walking speed and many other aspects of a city can be deduced from a single number: the city’s population.”

A unified theory of urban living

It is time for a science of how city growth affects society and environment, say Luis Bettencourt and Geoffrey West.

Growth, innovation, scaling, and the pace of life in cities

“Humanity has just crossed a major landmark in its history with the majority of people now living in cities.”

Santa Fe Institute: Cities, Scaling and Sustainability

“SFI’s Cities, Scaling, and Sustainability research effort is creating an interdisciplinary approach and quantitative synthesis of organizational and dynamical aspects of human social organizations, with an emphasis on cities.”

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Building Cities Underwater:
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