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China’s Crazy Plan To Mine The Moon

China is planning to strip mine the moon for a rare helium, but why? Are they even allowed to do this?

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China Plans To Strip Mine The Moon For Rare Helium-3

“Chinese state media has reported the service module of test lunar orbiter has successfully began orbiting the Moon and the lunar mission will see the Chang’e 5 spacecraft perform a soft landing on the surface of the Moon, where it will collect four pounds of rock and soil samples before returning home, China Topix reported.”

China Reaches Moon Orbit, Wants to Mine Very Rare, Energy Dense Element

“China’s has reached a new milestone in its space program – its latest spacecraft service module has entered orbit around the moon, after being successfully tested on Earth a few months ago.”

How Lunar Soil Could Power the Future

“The moon is once again a popular destination, as several space-faring nations are talking about setting up bases there. One reason would be to mine fuel for future fusion reactors.”

Ouyang Ziyuan’s Moon Dream Coming True

“Ouyang Ziyuan’s interest in the moon first came when he read about the catastrophic collisions when meteorites hit the Earth.”

Outer Space Treaty


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