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“Child-Shaped Ghost” Recorded Jumping Over Car

Asbo ghost? The ghost of a child wearing a hoodie is allegedly caught jumping over a car and vandalising property by a security camera.

A couple in Clifton, Nottingham was approached by their neighbor after she had had some ornaments stolen from her yard.

The neighbor asked if she could look at the couple’s security camera footage from the previous night in an effort to spot the theif.

Thats when things got weird….and creepy.

As Lisa and Phil Rigley went over the tape they noticed a strange white orb…in the shape of what some say appears to be a child landing on top of their car and then launching itself underneath the camera.

It looks as if if’s bouncing off the car – the couple’s Volvo Estate.

About a minute later the entity once again appears on the camera but from the right side. It’s going at neckbreaking speeds. It seems to once again land on the top of the couple’s Volvo Estate and launch itself off of it.

What is this thing?

One viewer suggested that it could be a neighbor’s kid playing with a laser whom shined it at the camera – apparently you get a similar effect. However, that doesn’t explain why the entity appears to be bouncing off the car twice….unless it was just that much of a coincidence.

Another viewer suggested it could be bug. I don’t understand how a bug could glow so brightly, seem to change shapes so much, and even create the appearance that its bouncing off the top of the car twice.

As always, it’s going to be labeled as a fake by someone. I can’t find a good reason to label it as a fake other than that it’s extremely strange and out of the ordinary…but thats it. There’s no reason that I can find directly proving it’s a faked video.

Who really knows what this thing is…maybe its a mischeivous ghost…maybe its a coincidental laser…maybe its…something else.

Video credit to Strange Mysteries YouTube channel