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Can You Survive Without Food And Water?

Real-life barbie Valeria Lukyanova has decided she’s going to try and survive on only sunlight and air. While most of us think this is crazy, it brings up a question: How long can you survive without food and water? Watch as Trace breaks down what happens when you don’t eat and drink.

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How Long Can You Go Without Food And Water?

“Now that we’ve established that food is something we can do without for a reasonable amount of time, we can move on to water.”

Living On Light: Woman Attempts To Prove Humans Can Live Without Food

“A Seattle woman is attempting to go 100 days without eating to prove that humans can ‘live on light’.”

Indian Mystic Claims Not To Eat For 70 Years

“An 82-year-old man in India is claiming to have not had anything to eat or drink since 1940 – and doctors from the Indian military are allegedly studying him to learn his secret.”

How Long Can A Person Survive Without Food?

“The duration of survival without food is greatly influenced by factors such as body weight, genetic variation, other health considerations and, most importantly, the presence or absence of dehydration.”

How Much Food Do You Need?

“For most disasters, we recommend a minimum of three days preparation. This should include a sufficient food supply and a minimum of one gallon of water per person per day.”

Obesity, Weight Loss, and Very Low-Calorie Diets (VLCDs)

“Traditional weight loss methods include low-calorie diets that allow between 800 to 1,500 calories a day and encourage regular exercise.”

Minimum Amount of Calories Needed Per Day to Survive

“Your body can survive for days without food. Just because you can survive for long periods of time without eating, however, doesn’t mean you should.”

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