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Can You Hear Sound in Space?

If space is a vacuum, is it possible to hear sound in it? Trace is here to discuss why sound travels differently in space.

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What is a vacuum? Is it matter?

“A vacuum, to us, is a space with no matter in it. As a practical matter though, it’s really a space with very little matter in it.”

Matter in Space

“There is matter spread all through the Universe, it is just spread very, very, very, very thin.”

Why you might sound like a Smurf on Venus

“Ever wondered what natural sounds you would hear on another planet?”

How Bone-conducting Headphones Work

“To understand how bone conduction works, you first have to understand how we hear sounds.”

Can humans hear in space?

“Before we begin to talk about space, we should probably define it.”

How Voyager 1 recorded noises when there’s no sound in interstellar space

“Beyond the border of interstellar space, the distant Voyager 1 spacecraft called back to Earth earlier this year with noises from its new environment.”

Can you hear sound in space?

“I’m afraid that your friends are right. In empty space, there is no air, and what we call ‘sound’ is actually vibrations in the air.”

Chris Hadfield shares the everyday sounds of space on SoundCloud

How Sci-fi Doesn’t Work: Sound in Space

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Is Our Universe a Hologram?


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