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Can We Build A Real Jurassic Park?

It’s the question on all our minds: WHEN IS JURASSIC PARK HAPPENING?! With all this talk of cloning extinct species and the upcoming twentieth anniversary of Jurassic Park the movie, Anthony takes a look at one man’s plan to actually build a real life Jurassic Park… sort of.

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“Billionaire Plans Park of Giant Dinosaurs”

“An eccentric Australian mining magnate who is building a replica of the ill-fated Titanic has unveiled his latest scheme — a park of giant robotic dinosaurs.”

“Work underway on Palmer Coolum Resort’s dinosaur park”

“A LARGE consignment of dinosaurs have completed their journey to Palmer Coolum Resort and are set to take residence in what will become the largest dinosaur park in the world with over 150 specimens.”

“An Australian Billionaire Is Building A Nearly Exact Replica Of The Titanic”

“Last year, rumors popped up that Australian billionaire Clive Palmer was working on cloning a dinosaur.”

Titanic II, Blue Star Line


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