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Can Two-Star Systems Like Tatooine’s Exist?

In Star Wars, the planet Tatooine has two suns. Is a double sunset a work of fiction, or is a binary star system possible?

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We’ve Discovered a Binary Star System Whose Planet Is in Stable Orbit

“We’ve found a frozen, rocky planet orbiting one of its two parent binary stars in a stable Earth-like orbit.”

New studies give strong boost to binary-star formation theory

“Clues support the idea that double-star systems form when a disk of gas and dust whirling around one young star fragments, forming another new star in orbit with the first.”

Astrophile: Binary stars that form like fraternal twins

“Some argue binaries are like twins, whether identical – beginning their existence as one entity and dividing in two early on – or fraternal – both forming from scratch in the same proto-stellar disc.”

Earthlike ‘Star Wars’ Tatooines may be common

“Now, mathematical simulations show that Earthlike, solid planets such as Tatooine likely exist and may be widespread.”

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