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Can Shocking Your Brain Make You Smarter?

Electroshock Therapy has been used for years to treat a number of psychological issues but can it also boost your IQ?

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Popular Brain Stimulation Doesn’t Boost IQ

“Despite its popularity, using a weak electric current to boost brainpower doesn’t live up to the hype. A new study shows that the most common form of the treatment actually has a statistically significant detrimental effect on IQ scores.”

Could Deep-Brain Stimulation Fortify Soldiers’ Minds?

“In 2010, at least 22 veterans committed suicide each day, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. In her book, Demon Camp, the author Jen Percy describes damaged veterans who have even resorted to exorcism to alleviate their PTSD symptoms.”

The effect of transcranial direct current stimulation: a role for cortical excitation/inhibition balance?

“Cognitive enhancement is a popular topic in the neuroscience community. Non-invasive neuromodulation methods, such as transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) can either increase or decrease cortical excitability.”

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