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Can Money Really Buy Happiness?

“Can’t Buy Me Love,” but what about happiness? Is there an ideal amount of money that a person can earn to live a perfectly satisfying life? Turns out yes. Anthony shows us what a satisfying life really costs.

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Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can put it on lay-by

“The fact that that money can’t buy you happiness is generally well accepted.”

Gross household income of $100,000 key to happiness: Deakin University research

“Melbourne researchers have pinpointed an amount of money that does actually make people happy.”

The price of happiness is US$162,000

“A recent study of over 5000 consumers across four continents has revealed the amount of net annual income needed for people to feel happy is an imposing US$161,810 — 15 times the global average* for an individual’s income.”

What Makes Us Happy?

“Every person has a genetic template, which makes us the way we are. This includes determining how intrinsically happy (or grumpy!) we may be.”

Do We Need $75,000 a Year to Be Happy?

“People say money doesn’t buy happiness. Except, according to a new study from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School, it sort of does — up to about $75,000 a year.”

Study: More Money Never Stops Buying More Happiness

“Another salvo in the ongoing debate over whether money buys happiness: New research out of the Brookings Institution claims there is no ceiling above which additional wealth stops contributing to people’s sense of well-being.”

“Income’s Influence on Happiness”

“People’s life evaluations rise steadily with income, but the reported quality of emotional daily experience levels off at a certain income level, according to a new study by two Princeton University professors, published online this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).”

High income improves evaluation of life but not emotional well-being

“Recent research has begun to distinguish two aspects of subjective well-being.”

Yes, Money Does Buy Happiness: 6 Lessons from the Newest Research on Income and Well-Being

“For a long time, we knew that there was a happiness plateau, a point where more money basically stopped buying greater satisfaction. Maybe we were wrong.”

Does Economic Growth Improve the Human Lot? Some Empirical Evidence

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