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Can Looks Predict Someone’s Intelligence?

You might look at someone’s face and determine whether you think this person is smart or not. Is it wrong to judge someone’s intelligence based on their looks? Trace reports on a new study examining the relationship between one’s IQ their appearance.

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What Do IQ Tests Test?: Interview with Psychologist W. Joel Schneider

“W. Joel Schneider is a psychologist at Illinois State University, dividing his time equally between the Clinical-Counseling program and the Quantitative Psychology program.”

People Can Predict A Man’s Intelligence Just By Looking At His Face

“Can you tell whether someone is smart just be looking at them? It sounds preposterous, but new research from the Czech Republic suggests you can—if the subject in question is a man.”

If He Looks Stupid, He Probably Is

“In a new study, both male and female subjects were able to accurately evaluate the intelligence of men simply by viewing photographs of their faces.”

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Is Your Face Racist?

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Even Children Judge Your Looks


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